• Check-in guests across multiple iPads & iPhones in real-time
• Auto-compile guest info from ticket sales, RSVPs, teams and Facebook
• Collaborate with team members & measure individual performance
• Build your mailing list, track guest loyalty & send mass emails
• Monitor event success in real-time during & after the event with analytics

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Happy Event Organizers

"The upload process was simple and our guests were impressed with how we're embracing technology & keeping our event green... One less thing to worry about."

-Mike, Albany College of Pharmacy, NY
"All promotion teams update their own list to one LIVE list automatically. All work is done by promoters which leaves me, (promotion manager) to concentrate on running the event... Would recommend it to anyone running guest lists / queue jump / tables."

-Ricky, Pure Bar, Bexleyheath, UK
"The ability to check, in real time, the number of guests [who have] arrived... was very helpful. This let us start our fashion show at the right time, when we reached a certain level of attendees."

-Beno, Tokyo, Japan

Live Guest Lists Management Guest List Manager App
Check guests in via iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. No Wifi or 3G required! View live event stats. All last second changes are seen live!
Event Statistics & Analytics Event Analytics
Measure the successes & failures of each event. Track which guests, from which guest list, added by which team member showed up, at what time & more.
Guests in the Cloud Guests in the Cloud
Build your guest database in the cloud. Automatically track each guest's metrics and determine who your most loyal and profitable guests are through our 5-Star Rating System.
Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing
Automatically import Facebook Event attendees' information to your VenueWize account. Measure the success of your marketing efforts & see which ones resulted in the most check-ins.
Team Collaboration Team Collaboration
Collaborate with team members on events. Team members require no logins or accounts. Track team member productivity & stats!
Online Ticketing Online Ticketing
Ticket purchasers show up & present their ID! No need to print or pickup tickets. All ticket purchaser information is automatically transferred to a guest list as well as your cloud guests storage.

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