How does VenueWize Work?

1- How many iPads and iPhones can I simultaneously use for event check-ins?

You can use as many iPads and iPhones as you want based on your event management needs. Events using VenueWize range from using one iPad or iPhone to over 25. The best part is that the number of iPads and iPhones used does not impact pricing.

2- Do I need an internet connection to check-in guests?

No. As long as you preload the guest list onto the iPad or iPhone using your Event Code, you can check-in guests. Once you regain internet connectivity, your check-ins will be uploaded to your VenueWize account so that you can track analytics on which guest registration medium was most effective, measure your team performance and send mass emails.

3- Do the iPads and iPhones sync with each other in real-time?

Yes, if the iPads and iPhones have internet connectivity all of their data are synced in real time to prevent dual check ins.

4- How do I import a Facebook guest list?

After setting up your event on VenueWize, set up a registration & ticketing page, then go to your Social Media Dashboard. From there you can either post the event to your Facebook Timeline, or your businesses Facebook Page listing a tab of upcoming events.

5- Can I add guests during my event?

Yes. If the iPads and iPhones have internet connectivity, all guests added last-second are viewed live by your hosts.

6- Can I upload an excel file to my event?

Yes. You need to fill out the Bulk Upload Template provided in your VenueWize account, which is an excel file with specific columns where you can enter the guests company name, favorite drink or anything that you will find useful during and after your event.

7- Do I have to sell tickets for my event?

No. Selling tickets is optional. You can alternatively upload an excel file, assign team members to add guests or post your event from VenueWize to Facebook.

8- How do I go about scheduling a demo?

Contact with your event type or size, and a time that is most convenient for you.

9- Can I undo a guest check-in?

Yes. This can be done on the iPad and iPhone.

10- Does VenueWize keep track of the number of visits by each guest?

Yes. Guest metrics, including the number of visits, is automatically tracked in your database. You can even use these metrics to filter guests and send mass emails.